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Gift Books

These are books I’ve selected because I think you might want to give one of them to yourself or someone you like.


  1. Some I selected because they are cheap and you might have a tiny budget for gifts.
  2. Others I selected not so much because they are expensive, but for the reasons why they are: rarity, desirability, uniqueness, cost of production, etc.
  3. Some I selected because they are perfect for an occasion or a particular person – appropriate for an upcoming trip or research effort or sense of humor or passion or whimsy.
  4. Others I selected because they are perfect for somebody’s coffee table or bathroom bookcase or vacation home or boat or swing or wherever books can be found.
  5. Some I selected because of their universal appeal when you aren’t sure what would do.
  6. And some of them just have pretty pictures.                                         -- George Brosi