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World War I and Jefferson County, West Virginia by James Francis Horn

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Jefferson County, West Virginia, is the state’s easternmost county, where Charles Town, Shepherdstown and Harper’s Ferry are located. More than 500 county natives enlisted in World War I and another 300 came from the two county colleges, Storer for African-American students and the all-white Shepherd College. This book illuminates the war while providing background on county history and these two institutions during the first quarter of the Twentieth Century. It includes a chapter on the county’s Black population that supplied 20% of the soldiers for the war despite local opposition to their service and the fact that the U.S. Military was segregated until President Harry Truman integrated the Armed Forces in 1948. The author, James Francis Horn, a graduate of Shepherd University, has worked as a seasonal park ranger in Jefferson County and beyond.

Charleston, South Carolina: History Press, 2017. 111 pages with a Bibliography, Notes, and many photos. Trade paperback,