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Wildwood Flowers by Julia Watts

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Wildwood Flowers by Julia Watts

"Stop it Bev!" Huge tears were rolling down Andie's cheeks. "You're scaring me."

"No. You're scaring me. When we moved in together seven years ago, I thought I was settling down with someone who had some personal integrity. I was obviously mistaken. Ever since we moved here, you've set up this big dividing line between your job and me. Your job's your public life, and I'm your dirty little secret!"

When Bev's lover Andie receives an assistant professorship at a Christian-affiliated college, Bev does her best to be supportive. But she isn't too thrilled about the prospect of moving from Boston's lesbian ghetto to the small southern town of Morgan, Kentucky. Before she and Andie are even unpacked, a nosy neighbor is at the door with a welcoming cake and a basketful of personal questions. Bev is shocked when Andie tells the woman that the two of them are cousins - and mortified when the woman promises to set them up with all the eligible men in town, beginning with her grandson Cricket, the local mortician.

Thus begins a hilarious and heartwarming tale of lesbian culture shock, the resiliency of true love, and the maddening gap between coming out and being out.



Tallahassee: Naiad Press, 1996 - 190 pages