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When Angels Speak of Love: Poems by bell hooks

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bell hooks is one of America's most respected and indeed renowned public intellectuals, best known as a feminist, but also as a cultural and political critic. She was born and raised in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, and after decades living in New York and California and earning a PhD, she has returned to her home state to live in Berea. As an African-American woman, she is comfortable railing against patriarchy, against homophobia, against racism, and, yes, even against capitalism. Yet in her everyday life she is an inclusive and caring and very spiritual person, drawing upon Buddism, Christianity and all religious traditions. Arguably four of her previous books of essays centered on love, so it makes sense that this, her initial offering in poetry, would also focus on this topic.


Hardback in dust jacket

New York: Atria Books, 2007 - 99p