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Weeds and Flowers in Our Garden by Brenda K. Wolfe and Duane B. Wolfe

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From the publisher:

"This book was written to show how childhood experiences can mold our adulthood if we allow the weeds or the bad experiences of the past to control our behavior in the present and future. As a married couple, Brenda and I began our search to understand why we had quirks and peculiar habits, and we continued to work on it, on and off, throughout our married life. Even when we discovered the source of our behavior, we found it difficult to completely change, since it was so ingrained in us. However, we were able to help one another overcome many of our faults through patience, encouragement, and understanding. Even when change did not occur, since we loved one another unconditionally, we accepted one another as we were. This story examines the trials and tribulations of our life together for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness, and in health till death us do part. It is our hope that those who read this book will find encouragement and strength from reading it. If you have ever had someone pass away whom you loved with all your heart, you will relate to this story."


Parsons, WV: McClain, 2015