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Waters Run Wild: A Novel of the West Virginia Coal Wars by Andrea Fekete

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This novel is set in 1920. The protagonist is 18-year-old Jennie who is growing up in a coal camp with four younger siblings. “Her characters are at once fresh and traditional, the details of setting authentic yet original; and her protagonist is both naive and wise. The plot moves spontaneously and guilelessly like life in West Virginia's hills during the days of coal company stores, scrip and early union activity. Here's one to rival the classics of Appalachian literature.” - Ron Houchin. "Fekete's Waters Run Wild is beautifully written. The prose here sings with a poet's careful touch. Though the topics are as blunt as a baseball bat to the skull, the language never suggests such force. In fact, the narrative's nature, a predominantly woman's tale, seems to welcome Fekete's gentle hand." -Ryan Stone. The author, Andrea Fekete is the grand-daughter of Mexican and Hungarian coal miners. She was raised on Buffalo Creek in Logan County, West Virginia, which was the site, in 1972, of a slag heap dam burst that killed over one hundred people, injured over one thousand more, left over four thousand homeless and destroyed over 600 buildings.

Charleston, West Virginia, Guest Room Press, a 2018 2nd Edition, with new chapters, of a 2010 release. 217 pages. Trade paperback