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Warlords of Appalachia by Phillip Kennedy Johnson

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The author, Phillip Kennedy Johnson states that his vision of this book was formed before the Trump Presidency, but that event essentially adds credence to his plot. The setting is a future America taken over by fascists and only Kentucky refuses to accept the sovereignty of the national regime and dares to fight for freedom. “Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Jonas Scharf deliver a fully-realized, semi-post-apocalyptic world in Warlords of Appalachia, which mixes political extremism and Robin Hood-style rebellion into a perfectly balanced narrative.” - Newsarama “A riveting, unflinching view into an increasingly plausible future. This is a book you can’t miss” - James Tynion IV.

Los Angeles, California: Boom! Studios, a 2017 release that first appeared in four magazines in 2016. 112 un-numbered pages illustrated by Jonas Scharf, colored by Doug Garbark, lettered by Jim Campbell, cover by Massimo Carnevale. Trade paperback