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Walland by Missy Tipton Green and Paulette Ledbetter

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Missy Tipton Green and Paulette Ledbetter first collaborated on a pictorial history book in 2007 when From Mineral Springs to Bed Springs: A History of Hotels and Resorts in the Foothills of the Smokies appeared. Earlier, Green had published the now rare Precious Memories, a memoir of growing up in Cades Cove, the idyllic valley now one of the most visited sites in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. In 2011 Green and Ledbetter published Cades Cove together for Arcadia, and in 2014 they published Townsend, featuring the town at the edge of the Park closest to Cades Cove.  Walland adjoins Townsend as you travel from the Park toward the Blount County seat of Maryville, Tennessee. It straddles the Little River as it cuts through Chilhowee Mountain the prominent foothill ridge that parallels the Smoky Mountains on the Tennessee side. Both authors have honored their deep family roots in the area not only as authors and compilers of historic photographs for the public but also as collaborators in museum work and preservation societies.  

Charleston, South Carolina: Arcadia Publishing Company, 2017. 127 pages with photos on every page. Trade paperback