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Wa-hita: Poems by Steven R. Cope

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The Urban Dictionary says that the word Wahita is an Arabic name meaning a beautiful person who loves the wilderness and her family.  Wahita especially loves animals and turtles in particular.  She is destined to be wealthy. There is also a Fort Wahita in Oklahoma that was built to protect displaced Indians.  Cope’s title poem is consistent with the ideals that have swirled around this name. Beginning with the first poem in this collection, “A New Poem Lands on the Edge of the Friggin New World,” readers realize they are in for a different kind of ride. Cope’s poetry is expansive. It is jarring. And it is innovative. “Steven Cope is one of the best poets we have, and I’m not talking about just in Kentucky.” – Mary Ann Taylor-Hall.  “Steve Cope is a prophet for our time; we need to hear his integrity of seeing and thinking, and his compassionate respect for our planet and life.” – Harry Brown.  “Cope delivers what we have always expected from the best poetry—light, heart, truth, affection, and assuring wisdom.” – Maurice Manning.  Steven Cope grew up in Menifee County, Kentucky, and now lives in Winchester. He is the author of more than a dozen poetry collections.

Frankfort: Broadstone Books, 2017. 55 pages. Trade paperback