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Up Cutshin and Down GreasyL Folkways of a Kentucky Family by Leonard W. Roberts

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There will never be another folklorist of Eastern Kentucky like Leonard Roberts (1912-1983). He knew Eastern Kentucky folklore three ways. He grew up in a very traditional Eastern Kentucky family back when that existed. I attended his funeral, and one of his brothers wore his overalls - his family was that traditional. He taught school while going to school until he received a PhD in folklore from the University of Kentucky, so his academic credentials were also impeccable. And he DID folklore throughout his career, learning the folklore his students were exposed to and doing field work. This one of his books has a title that explains it. Cutshin and Greasy are Leslie County, Kentucky, creeks where the Couch family - note the word "family in the sub-title - resided in the 1950s when Leonard did this fieldwork. Yes, these were the forebears of Tim Couch, the great University of Kentucky quarterback!  If you have to choose just ONE folklore book, this one is not a bad choice.

Lexington: University of Kentucky Press, a 1988 reprint of a 1959 release. 165 pages with an Index and Appendix. Trade paperback.