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Two Days at the Asylum by Frederick S. Walborn

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The author, Dr. Walborn, a clinical psychologist, worked for a year and a half on the admissions unit of an asylum. After twenty years as a clinical psychologist, he now is a professor at Glenville State College in West Virginia. Inspired by true events, this book could only be published as a novel to protect both the guilty and the innocent. The first of the two days in the title takes place in 1969. It is “Community Day” when the asylum becomes a zoo for locals who pay a fee to observe the bizarre behavior of the residents, including both sexual and religious acting out. The next day provides insights into the aberrant behaviors of the administrators, social workers, psychiatrists and psychologists. "I expected a novel from a published clinical psychologist to be just another insipid psychological thriller. What I read was a humorous, enticing, and amazingly educational period drama that allowed me to understand the state of mental health a half-century ago. I recommend it to anyone interested in psychological disorders, and those who appreciate the unbridled aspects of all interpersonal relationships." --Ed Wood. "Dr. Walborn paints us an all-too accurate picture of the afflicted and their 'care-givers' in a satirical and humorous novel highly accessible to the average reader. He opens to us not only the snarky world of the disillusioned asylum service providers (some are thugs), he shows us empathetically the hearts and struggles of the service receivers who must navigate the world of horror, often alone. I highly recommend this read." --James E. Davison. "This engaging novel is consistently about how mental health care has gone wrong. Surprisingly, the novel suggests how mental health care of the future may go right." --Brod Boswell.

Terra Alta, West Virginia: Publisher Page/Headline Books, 2018. 288 pages. Trade paperback