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Traveler's Rest and the Tugaloo Crossroads by Robert Eldridge Bouwman

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From the publisher:

"On Georgia Highway 123, amid the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, stands Traveler's Rest Historic Site. The house stands within two miles of the site of the Old Tugaloo Town, an important Cherokee village. It is situated on a crossroads at the southern end of the Great Wagon Road, down which a wave of European-American migration poured to fill the land east of the Appalachians in the mid-thirteenth century. Its history encompasses the Cherokees, migration, frontier war, and gold rush; it includes the development of Traveler's Rest as stagecoach inn/tavern into its long years as a plantation center; through Civil War and Reconstruction, the gradual decline of land and family is taken to the present century, where Traveler's Rest becomes the physical embodiment of history transfigured into legend."


Dahlonega: University of North Georgia, 2015