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Three Generations: The Story of a Colored Family of Eastern Tennessee by Charles W. Cansler

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The first 42 pages of this book tell the story of the author's third generation; the next 41 pages tell of his second generation, and the next 84 pages are the author's autobiography, and the final 91 pages consist of what has been published as a different book: Handbook of the Association Cafeteria by Blanche Geary published in 1917 by the National YWCA.  The author was born in the 1870s and published this book in 1939. In the third generation, six free Negroes, leave Statesville, North Carolina, in the wake of the Nat Turner rebellion which causes serious depredations against people of color. They came to Friendsville, Tennessee, where one of them had helped a white family move, but moved to Knoxville during the Civil War. After the war, they moved to Maryville where they were involved in the newspaper business and then in the founding of the Freedman's Normal Institute. The second generation was engaged in teaching as well. 

No place of publication or publisher listed. 180 page trade paperback.