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Three Days Missing by Kimberly Belle

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An Atlanta second-grader, Ethan, goes on a school camping trip to scenic Lumpkin County in the North Georgia Mountains. He goes missing.  His single mom, Kat Jenkins, rushes to the scene to find him still missing. Does Sammy Huntington, the son of Atlanta’s mayor, and Ethan’s classmate, know anything or have anything to do with Ethan’s disappearance? His mother, Stephanie, arrives, and this novel deals artfully with how these two women from very different backgrounds relate to each other. "[A] gripping novel of suspense...Belle does a masterful job of building tension ... Readers will be glad to get to know these two very different, yet equally strong women."-Publishers Weekly "Kimberly Belle delivers the goods-a rocket-paced story with a heart that will keep you riveted through every hairpin twist and turn. Breathless suspense!" -Lisa Unger. “Belle resists easy conclusions and nearly every relationship-be it spouse, family, friend, or foe-doubles down on its intricacies during the course of the action, making readers acutely aware of the unfathomable space between ourselves and others. Absolutely unputdownable. I couldn't let go of this book until I'd devoured the last page."-Mindy Mejia. "Kimberly Belle's Three Days Missing is her best book yet. And that's saying a lot. This one is vividly written, emotional, and engaging, with real, three-dimensional characters who will always keep you guessing. And the's a right cross to the reader's jaw I never saw coming. Buckle up and turn the pages as fast as you can. This one's a winner!" -David Bell.  This is Kimberly Belle’s third novel. She divides her time between Atlanta and Amsterdam.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Park Row Books,2018. 336 pages with Questions for Discussion. Trade paperback