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The Works of James Agee, Volume 5 - Complete Film Criticism: Reviews, Essays, and Manuscripts edited by Charles Maland

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            No, that is not a typo. This tome has 1037, count ‘em, pages! The title said it was the complete film criticism of James Agee (1909-1955), didn’t it? Included are all his reviews that appeared in The Nation and Time as well as other publications and many previously unpublished reviews from his manuscripts. Agee was considered one of the most influential film critics of his time. He became Time’s book review editor in 1939, and in 1941 became Time’s film critic. From 1942-1948 he was a film critic for The Nation. Agee remains the only Southern Appalachian author to have garnered a Pulitzer Prize in the novel, posthumously, for A Death in the Family in 1958. That novel was set in Knoxville, Tennessee, where Agee grew up. “With substantial introductory materials and an impressive effort to comprehensibly identify Agee’s Time reviews originally published anonymously, Complete Film Criticism is a more definitive work on Agee’s film writing than any other book to date” – John Belton. The author, Charles Maland is an English professor at the University of Tennessee.

Knoxville: The University of Tennessee Press, 2017. 1037 pages with an Index, Selected Bibliography, and Appendix. Hardback in dust jacket