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The Settlement of the Greater Greenbrier Valley, West Virginia: The People, Their Homeplaces and Their Lives on the Frontier by Fred Ziegler

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This study focuses on the 1770s when 583 families lived in the Greenbrier Valley on an average tract of land of 200 acres. This book covers all aspects of life in the Greenbrier Valley just before the Revolutionary War from remedies to roads and from mills to the military. After 37 years teaching geology at the University of Chicago, Fred Ziegler purchased Cook’s Old Mill in Monroe County and retired there in 2003. He has read about and researched the four counties of the Greenbrier Valley ever since.

Charleston, West Virginia: 35th Star Publishing, 2019. 145 pages with a Bibliography, tables, figures, chapter appendices and photos. 8.5” X 11” trade paperback.