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The Secret Wisdom of the Earth by Christopher Scotton

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The protagonist of this novel, Kevin, is fourteen when his grieving mother moves from the city to Eastern Kentucky to live with Kevin's grandfather. Kevin takes up with Buzzy Fink, a local boy, and both are forced to reckon with the struggle that Kevin's grandfather starts in opposition to the local strip mining operation. "The coming-of-age story is enriched by depictions of the earth's healing and redemptive power...makes for compelling reading when the action grows intense-managing, like the landscape it describes, to be simultaneously frightening and beautiful."―Publishers Weekly. "Solid, sometimes soaring debut...written in taut, propulsive prose...a big, old-fashioned yarn well worth the telling."―USA Today. The author, Christopher Scotton, grew up in a rural area not far from Washington, D. C., and now is a venture capitalist specializing in technology companies and working primarily out of London, England.

New York: Grand Central Publishing, a 2016 paperback edition of a 2015 release. 480 pages with a reading group guide.