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The Risen by Ron Rash - SIGNED

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This is the story of two brothers from the North Carolina mountains - the one who left and became a successful surgeon and the one who stayed and became an alcoholic. It is also the story of the lingering impact that one woman - an outlander who arrived unexpectedly in their community in 1969 - had when they were teenagers.

The Risen is an important novel — and an intriguing one — from one of our master storytellers. In its pages, the past rises up, haunting and chiding, demanding answers of us all.” —The News & Observe. 
“Many have labeled [Rash] a Southern writer or an Appalachian writer, but those terms are deceptive. Rash's characters are certainly connected to their landscape, but, as with any work that transcends, Rash brings the reader to the universal human concerns inside the particular details.” - Electric Literature. “A beautiful piece of craftsmanship...I’ve long thought Ron Rash as good as any contemporary American novelist I’ve read. This lovely and disturbing book confirms that opinion.”  - Wall Street Journal. Rash "is a riveting storyteller, ably heightening the tension between the story’s past and present... A story about control, evil and the nature of power — both to save and to kill.” - Washington Post.