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The Politics of Appalachian Rhetoric by Amanda E. Hayes

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This book examines how people in Appalachia speak and write, reaching back historically into our cultural heritage. She combines her scholarship with storytelling and autobiography, as she moves from considering how we express ourselves to the impact that has upon our education. “In this book, Hayes takes a critical approach in her examination of traditional writing pedagogy and its tendency toward resistance to Appalachian rhetoric, which has a complex history worth exploring. Teachers of writing—particularly those in rural Appalachia—will benefit from Hayes’s important work. This exciting book fills a need for more conversation about what constitutes Appalachian rhetoric and why teachers at all levels should know more about it to better understand the diverse voices their students bring to the classroom.” - Amy D. Clark. The author, Amanda E. Hayes, grew up on a farm in the Ohio hill country and attended college at Ohio University’s Eastern campus and then graduate school at their main campus. She is an assistant professor at Kent State, Tuscarawas.

Morgantown: West Virginia University Press, 2018. 231 pages with an Index, Bibliography, and Notes. Trade paperback