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The Last Entry by Jim Hamilton

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This novel begins when Tucker Trivette is 13 and digging ginseng with his Paw Paw and little brother. His paw paw looks at the last entry he made in his journal 20 years ago and confirms that he is where he wants to be. That’s not the last entry that will be made in a journal or the last time the reader wonders it there will be no more entries of a particular kind. In an informal economy, entries in a journal or a ledger book can signal a struggle that can result in poverty or survival or triumph. When Tucker returns from the Navy, he re-enters the world of the ginseng digger that his Paw Paw gave to him. Ginseng centers this novel as does the Western North Carolina forest. “I can see this book as a breakout for an insanely talented writer, and I’m thrilled to be one of the people to see it happen first. Don’t just read The Last Entry. Get lost in it. It’s easy to do.” – Brian Panowich. “. . . a riveting story about coming of age in the tradition of semi-lawless Appalachia.” – Radney Foster. “ . . . authentic and vibrant characters jump from the page, and you’ll smell the freshly turned loam with every root that’s dug.” – Dave Lucey. The author, Jim Hamilton, grew up in Alabama but has been living for 20 years near Boone, in the North Carolina mountains. He has worked as a county agent there. His familiarity with the forest shines throughout this book.

Little Rock Arkansas: Working Title Farm/River’s Edge Media, 2019. 287 pages. Hardback in dust jacket.