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The Fred Chappell Reader by Fred Chappell

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One of the ways you can tell a writer has had an unusually enormous impact both as a literary artist and a popular author, is that a publisher will decide they can market a collection of that writer's work. By 1989, Fred Chappell had achieved that status! With a new book out in 2019, thirty years later, he is still cementing and expanding that reputation. A native of Canton, North Carolina, Fred Chappell founded the creative writing program at UNC-G that has produced more outstanding Appalachian authors than any other graduate program. This sampler contains previously uncollected and collected stories, poems from four different collections, and excepts from four novels, plus the entire text of Dagon, the novel that the French Academy deemed the best foreign novel of the year. "Anybody who knows anything about Southern writing knows that Fred Chappell is our resident genius, our shining light, the one truly great writer we have among us." - Lee Smith.

New York: St. Martin's Press, 1989. 490 pages with a bibliography.