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The Forever Wish of Middy Sweet: A Story of What Might Have Been by Terry Kay

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Oh, Terry Kay, are you sure you want to do this to us old widowers?  Will it make us reach back only to embarrass ourselves? Will it smash our self-confidence?  Will it end up making our children mad at us?  This is a novel about an old widow, Middy Sweet Young, who returns to her hometown in Northeast Georgia holding on to her memory of her high school boyfriend, Luke Mercer, now an old widower who stayed there, and their youthful pledge, “one day we’ll be together.” "Written flawlessly, as readers have come to expect, The Forever Wish of Middy Sweet touches the heart of a reader as only Terry Kay can. During a time when the world needs a story of love and hope, this new novel encourages readers to explore one of the biggest questions many of us have...'what if?' I promise, there will be times you will press the book to your heart in an attempt to absorb all of the love contained on the pages. And perhaps, just perhaps you will find the courage to seek your own forever wish." – Renea Winchester. "The Forever Wish of Middy Sweet is a magical tale of love lost and love renewed. Skillfully and with a generous hand of storyteller's stardust, Terry Kay adventures into the unexplored territory of if wishes came true, what would we really do. Readers will sit in wonderment alongside Middy Sweet long after the last page is turned."--Karen Spears Zacharias. “Kay knows that most of us only age on the outside, not inside, and his story brings that long lost love back for us with the story of Luke and Middy. It's a different kind of love story, one ticking with suspense that ends with a poetic universality you won't anticipate and will never forget. And one written from the heart." --Jeff Fields.  Now do you believe that three of Kay’s eighteen books have been made into Hallmark Hall of Fame movies?

Macon, Georgia: Mercer University Press, 2020. 328 pages. Hardback in dust jacket.