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The Civil War Diaries of Cassie Fennell: A Young Confederate Woman in North Alabama, 1859-1865 by Whitney A. Snow

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Ms Fennell lived about 90 miles southwest of Chattanooga in Guntersville, Alabama. Her diaries give a clear picture of the impact of the Civil War upon privileged white families. Chapter sub-titles illuminate her trials: “Burned Cotton and Profound Sorrow,” “Prices, Shortages, and Stresses on the Home Front.” And “The Death of a Father and Capture of Two Brothers.” What a toll the defense of slavery took on even the most privileged. The author is an associate professor of history at Midwestern State University. This is her third book.

Knoxville: The University of Tennessee Press, 2020. 337 pages with an Index, Notes, Bibliography and illustrations. Hardback with Pictorial Cover.