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The Captives of Abb’s Valley by the Reverend James Moore Brown, revised, annotated and edited by Dennis Eldon Bills

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This reprints the original 1854 edition in its entirety, but also includes a biographical sketch of the author and several helpful footnotes and occasional additional material in brackets, plus some minor changes in organization. James Moore Brown, the original author, was a Presbyterian minister from West Virginia, and this is the story of the 1786 murders of his mother’s parents and siblings, and her kidnapping, exile, and eventual rescue from her Shawnee captors. The editor is an eighth generation West Virginian, the author of three books, a graduate of Bob Jones University and Covenant College with a DMin from Pittsburg Theological Seminary. 

New Martinsville, West Virginia: ReformingWV Publications, a 2019 edition of an 1854 release. 109 pages, with four unattributed illustrations from the original edition. Trade paperback