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The Barrowfields by Philip Lewis

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Seldom are first novels published with the kind of raves this book has engendered. “A novel this good is a rare thing. Elegiac and timeless.” – David Gilbert. “Majestic and rich with the textures of life, Phillip Lewis’s The Borrowfields is one of the great discoveries of the year. This is a debut so assured in its sense of place and history that it will leave you in awe of what Lewis has accomplished here: a sorrowful, beautiful ode to the bond of family, the ghosts that haunt us, and the stories that shape us. – Paul Yoon. “A beautiful, evocative novel with an amazing sense of place and an understated, dark sensibility. A brilliant debut.” – Jenni Fagan. A native of Western North Carolina, Lewis is a graduate of the University of North Carolina who works in Charlotte as a lawyer.


The Barrowfields by Philip Lewis. New York: Hogarth/Crown, 2017. 348 pages. Hardback in dust jacket.