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The Ashe County Frescoes of Benjamin F. Long, IV by Janet C. Pittard and David B Chiswell

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Ben Long was born in 1945, grew up in Statesville, North Carolina, graduated from the University of North Carolina, and then studied art in New York City under accomplished artists. After serving two tours as a marine in Vietnam, he apprenticed himself for eight years under Pietro Annigoni, a renowned Italian artist. In the late 1970s and early 1980s Long created frescoes in two Episcopal Churches in North Carolina’s northwesternmost county, Ashe County. Already known for his portraits and other works, he did not charge the churches. He has also created frescos for eleven additional North Carolina churches and a few others. He lives in Brevard, North Carolina, and Florence, Italy. This profusely illustrated book shows how a fresco is made and how Long’s frescos look in these rural mountain churches. Co-author Janet C Pittard lives in West Jefferson and Raleigh, North Carolina and is retired from the North Carolina governor’s office. This is her third book, and she had written over 100 articles for Our State Magazine. Co-author David B. Chiswell is retired from a career in archival work for the North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources and lives in West Jefferson.

Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland and Company, 2021. 98 pages with an Index, Chapter Notes, color and black and white illustrations, and Bibliography. 7” X 10” trade paperback.