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That Bloody Hill: Hilliard’s Legion at Chickamauga by Lee Elder

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Chickamauga, Georgia, is located just south of Chattanooga, Tennessee. The battle that was fought there on September 18-20, 1863, was the first major battle of the war in Georgia and the most important Confederate victory throughout the Western Theater. More were killed in this Civil War battle than any other except Gettysburg. Almost 4,000 died and almost 25,000 were wounded! This book takes a close look at Henry Washington Hilliard’s Legion, part of the Brigade of Archibald Gracie III of Alabama Confederates serving under General Bragg. 45% of Hilliard’s 902 men died at Chickamauga. Lee Elder, the author, lives in Tallmadge, Ohio, and has served as a high school football coach in California and an auto racing publicist.

Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland, 2018. 229 pages with an Index, Bibliography, Chapter Notes, photos, and 10 appendices. Trade paperback