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Technical Notes for Bird Government by Jonathan Minton

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Some super short, a few a couple of pages long, these poems come in all shapes as well as sizes. The first and last of the five sections do deal with birds, the last section is the title section.
“Testing the language of myth, the naturalist, and the historian, Jonathan Minton’s Technical Notes for Bird Government taps into a vast, skeletal architecture underpinning the hugeness of the world, and its wounded places where we vanish. Mapping its rifts and junctures, these poetic sequences emerge in surprising ways, at times coiling into themselves and at times unfurling fast to the edge of another sentence full of horizons and strange creatures. It’s a remarkable book. Reading it, one is in the presence of an electric, relentless intelligence.” --James Capozz. The author, Jonathan Minton, is an Associate Professor of English at Glenville State College in West Virginia. He is the editor of the journal, Word For/Word.

 Carbondale, Illinois: Telemetry Press, 2018. 77 pages. Trade paperback.