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Sticker by Henry Hoke.

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This book is included in Electric Lit’s “The Most Anticipated LGBTQ+ Books of 2022.” It is part of the “Object Lessons” series about the “hidden lives of ordinary things” – like stickers. 20 stickers illuminate this memoir of growing up a gay youth in Charlottesville, Virginia, traumatized by the deadly convergence of neo-nazis on his hometown. “Hoke (The Groundhog Forever) offers up an evocative reflection on queerness, race, and his hometown of Charlottesville, Va. . . . his book uses the humble sticker as a metaphorical linchpin for a series of essays that [offer] a unique perspective on one of the most infamous cities in recent American history.” ―Publishers Weekly. “Funny, nostalgic, and weird in the best possible way, Henry Hoke's Sticker weaves evocative personal moments with hometown lore and racial reckoning, all while making you want to dig up your old-school sticker collection-the puffy, the glowy, especially the scratch and sniff.” ― Jocelyn Nicole Johnson. “Henry Hoke examines gender, sexuality, music, and the depths of humanity with exuberant whimsy and charm. Sticker pulses with ghost stories, lamplit streets and pine, boyhood, blood. Startlingly original and gorgeously rendered, I will never forget this book.” ―T Kira Madden. “Hoke's keenly constructed memoir-in-essays is really a memoir-in-stickers, from the glow-in-the-dark stars and coveted Lisa Frank unicorns of childhood to a Pixies decal from his teenage years. The book also peels back the complicated notoriety of the author's hometown, Charlottesville, Virginia, juxtaposing Dave Matthews' fire dancer emblem against a truck emblazoned with the words “Are You Triggered?” on its back window heralding the infamous white supremacist march.” ―Electric Lit. The author, Henry Hoke, now lives in New York. This is his fourth book.

New York: Bloomsbury Academic, 2022. 132 pages with an Index and Notes. A 4.75” X 6.5” trade paperback with cover flaps like a dust jacket.