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Spring Up Everlasting by William Woolfitt

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Spring Up Everlasting - that title makes me think of a Renaissance, of a time when  conditions can be rough but you never know when something worth-while will appear spontaneously. The publisher's blurb expresses it more poetically: "these poems turn to the possibility that we will be braced by the mysteries of God, that the spirit will move in our broken lives and the mess of our world, and spring up everlasting."
"I fell in absolute love with William Woolfitt's SPRING UP EVERLASTING and his naturalist's eye, his imagery, the lushness amidst disaster, economic, ecological, and personal. Woolfitt listens carefully to the sounds of the natural world and finds his place within it. He sings every aching note." - Jenn Givhan. "Keenly observed and empathetically wrought narratives honoring keen details of human connections to places illuminate SPRING UP EVERLASTING. - Laura Da'. About a decade ago, I was the editor of a literary magazine, and was delighted to receive a poetry submission from William Woolfitt. I think maybe he was a graduate student at the time, maybe not, but I had certainly never heard of him, yet I immediately proudly published his poem. He is now an associate professor of English at Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee. This is his third published poetry collection to go with a fiction chapbook. 

Macon, Georgia: Mercer University Press, 2020. 67 pages. Trade paperback, $16.00.