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Sometimes a Shining Moment: The Foxfire Expeience: Twenty Years Teaching in a High School Classroom

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"The book could help change our understanding of school as significantly as Rachel Carson's Silent Spring helped change our understanding of the environment." - The Washington Post. "It should be required reading for every high school teacher." - Atlanta Journal and Constitution. In 1972 Eliot Wigginton began teaching in the mountains of northeastern Georgia. Desperate to engage his students and make them care about becoming better writers, he hit upon the idea of publishing a magazine based on their interviews of local old-timers who lived the old-fashioned ways. They were blessed that some they interviewed were downright charismatic, like Aunt Arie. The magazine was so successful they made it into a book - The Foxfire Book. It was so successful that it led to Foxfire Two and then all the way to Foxfire Ten. Wigginton insisted that all the profits go into non-profit educational fund that set up a farm with authentic old buildings and a museum open to the public and an annual festival. But for all he did for education and the economic development of Rabun County, Wig had an Achilles Heal. He is a pedophile and landed in jail, was designated as a sexual predator, and forbidden from teaching. The Foxfire Fund continues, but without the brains and power that Wig brought to it. Full disclosure - I knew Wig and worked with him some before his arrest.

New York: Anchor/Doubleday: a 1986 paperback edition of a 1985 release. 438 pages with an Index, Bibliography, Notes, and photos. Trade paperback.