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Send Down the Rain by Charles Martin

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This is the story of a Vietnam veteran who is seeking healing and solace in the North Carolina mountains at the foot of Mount Mitchell. There he finds an uprooted Hispanic family desperate for a new life. He agrees to take them back to Florida, where he was raised, arriving just as a high-school flame has lost her husband to a car accident. Send Down the Rain, “explores themes of grace, mercy, and forgiveness in this sweeping love story. . . In this relatable tale of recovery from physical and emotional trauma, Martin beautifully captures the essence of Christian principles of sacrifice and forgiveness” - Publishers Weekly. “Martin's latest is another beautifully written winner. . . Amazingly heartfelt statements about love, loss and the true meaning of friendship will resonate deeply with readers.” This is the thirteenth novel by Charles Martin, some of which have been best-sellers. He lives in Jacksonville, Florida, with his wife, Christy.

Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2018. 352 pages with discussion questions. Trade paperback