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Rusties and Riddles & Gee-Haw Whimmy-Diddles by James Still

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James Still (1906-2001), as much as  any other eight-decade-long resident of Eastern Kentucky, lived to see his national literary reputation and the values of first edition copies of his early works experience rapid and sustained growth. His class of 1929 Lincoln Memorial University classmate, Jesse Stuart would be his main competition in that regard. The contrast between the two, who stayed in touch throughout, is dramatic in some ways, including Stuart's Republican politics and his  prolific output. This delightful book has fun illustrations on every page and consists mostly of old-fashioned riddles. It is not an anomaly. Still loved to pull your leg and prank you. His communications under the name Goldie Spurlock were another manifestation of his whimsy.  Enjoyable for readers of all ages.

Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 1975. 110 un-numbered pages with pictures by Janel McCaffery.