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Rock City [Images of Modern America] by Tim Hollis

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As early as the 1820s, residents began using the term, “rock city” to describe the collection of huge boulders of various sizes and shapes near the Tennessee-Georgia line on the eastern escarpment of Lookout Mountain above Chattanooga. Then in 1932 Garnet Carter, the inventor of modern miniature golf, and his wife, Frieda, purchased the area and began to turn it into a tourist attraction featuring not only magnificent views, but also “Fairyland Caverns” and “Mother Goose Village.” The result is a scenic attraction for adults combined with entertainment for kids – an irresistible family attraction, cleverly promoted by “See Rock City” barns and bird-houses. Nothing like a free paint-job for your barn or a free bird house to endear rural residents to a tourist attraction. This book provides a colorful and comprehensive souvenir or introduction to Rock City. Tim Hollis has written 30 books, many on southern tourist attractions. A life-long resident of Birmingham, he has created a museum of lunch-boxes and other memorabilia next to his home.

Charleston, South Carolina: Arcadia Publishing, 2017. 95 pages with full-color photographs on every page. 6.5” X 9.25” trade paperback