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River of Death – The Chickamauga Campaign. Volume 1: The Fall of Chattanooga by William Glenn Robertson

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Did you get that? Almost 700 pages, over 100 of which are notes. “There have been other accounts of the Chickamauga Campaign, but this book is in a class by itself. The wealth of information here is astonishing.” – Stephen E. Woodworth. The Battle of Chickamauga was the only Confederate victory in the western theater of the Civil War, and the third bloodiest of the entire conflict – over 34,500 casualties. This book is the first of two volumes. The second is forthcoming. Robertson begins the story following the armies, the decisions of their commanders, and the role of railroads throughout East Tennessee beginning in July of 1863 all the way through to September 9th when Union General Braxton Bragg decided to abandon Chattanooga. “Robertson's long-anticipated work is certain to become the ‘must read’ book on the Chickamauga campaign. Based on decades of research and fieldwork, it is the most thoroughly investigated study of the most dramatic campaign of the Western theater.” --Earl Hess. William Glenn Robertson received his doctorate at U. Va. in 1975. His academic career at several universities culminated as the Director of the Combat Studies Institute at the Army Command and General Staff College. He retired in 2011. This is his sixth Civil War book.

Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 2018. 696 pages with an Index, Bibliography, over 100 pages of Notes, an Order of Battle Appendix, 8 maps and 15 photos. Hardback in dust jacket