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Rightful Liberty: Slavery, Morality and Thomas Jefferson’s World by Arthur Scherr

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This book attempts to present a nuanced look at Thomas Jefferson’s evolving and complex world view not only of slavery, but also of intersecting ideas of democracy, morality, and revolution. It focuses in on a variety of events from revolution in Haiti to Congressional compromises and Jefferson’s responses to the influences of a variety of thinkers and friends. “Bold and insightful, Arthur Scherr’s provocative study overturns much of what we though we knew about Thomas Jefferson and slavery.” – Robert M.S. McDonald. “Arthur Scherr has written an important book on Thomas Jefferson. What makes it genuinely exceptional is the author’s knowledge not only of the political history of the era, but also of eighteenth-century and early nineteenth-century American intellectual history, contexts in which to read the famously complicated Jefferson.” – Ari Helo. The author, Arthur Scherr, is a historian at the City University of New York and the author of four books.

 Macon, Georgia: Mercer University Press, 29021.