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Remembering Henderson County by Louise Howe Bailey

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From the publisher:

"Having written for almost forty years on the cultural heritage that Henderson County holds so dear, Louise Bailey has progressed elegantly from being a valued preservationist of mountain history and lore to becoming something of a local treasure herself. This special selection of essays offers the best of Bailey's work along with some new stories that together offer readers, whether "old-timers" or newcomers to the area, a warm and informative perspective on the history and folklore of the county. We meet a delightful cast of characters whose stories--many of them told in a unique dialect and some dating back as far as the Civil War--tell of a truly independent way of life and of a fierce pride in their traditions. Silas Stepp's letters home from Confederate battlegrounds; Gran'dad Owenby's stories of logging and life in his log cabin; anecdotes from blind, old Elzie Floyd and from Clem the moonshiner; tales of granny-women and the old-time "yarb" doctors: these are just some of the stories that bring the history of this unique county to life."


Charleston: History Press, 2005