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Records of the Moravians Among the Cherokees: March to Removal, Part 5: “This Is Not My Home Anymore” – Volume 10 – 1834-1838 edited by Richard W. Starbuck

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“Heart freezing scenes of injustice, deception, oppression, & force, of which this Nation is the victim,” writes missionary Henry Clauder in April 1837. The Moravians were open to all the critiques that apply to all missionaries, but they were arguably among the most sympathetic to their target group and therefore among the most successful in transmitting Christian and capitalist values of any missionary group. Despite some efforts, the Moravians were unsuccessful against the racist tide that stole the land and property of the Cherokees to “cleanse” the South of all but white people and their slaves. The editor, since 1986, has worked in the Moravian Archives.

Tahlequah, Oklahoma: Cherokee Heritage Press 2020. Pages 4893-5301 with 21 pages of introductory material after the Table of Contents, and with a frontispiece map, documents, quotes, and three appendices which includes sources and an index. Hardback in dust jacket.