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Raising the Dead by Ron Rash

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Ron Rash is one of the most distinguished contemporary Appalachian authors. His novel, Serena, was a New York Times  best-seller that became a Hollywood movie. His short story collection, Burning Bright, won the 2010 International Short Story Award as the best short story collection in the English language. Here's what the publisher of Raising the Dead  said about it:

"Raising the Dead is Ron Rash’s third book of poetry. The overall theme is loss, both the social loss from the disappearance of communities due to the external effects of technology, and the personal loss from the death of a family member. The book is divided into five sections with the first and last dealing with the social impacts of the flooding of the Jocassee Valley on the border of North and South Carolina.

As in his other books, Rash is very precise in his use of language, with the prosody being informed by Welsh forms. Many of the poems use a style of syllabic verse featuring seven-syllable lines with internal echos, but most readers will not notice the craftsmanship of these poems because they flow so naturally. There is great narrative intensity in these poems with short poems of short lines telling detailed and vivid stories."

Oak Ridge, Tennessee, Iris Press, 2002. 71 pages. Trade paperback.