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Presbyterianism in West Virginia by Dennis Eldon Bills

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The author asserts that the first Presbyterian minister of West Virginia was Rev. Daniel McGill who preached in or near present-day Shepherdstown, and that the first Presbyterian Church, also believed to be the first church of any denomination west of the Alleghenies was the New Lebanon Church in Monroe County. From that starting point, this book follows Presbyterianism to the present day with chapters on Presbyterianism and the African-American Experience, Controversies, Schism, and Divisions, and other interesting topics. The author is an 8th generation West Virginian who is a minister in the New River Presbytery, a college educator, and a family law mediator.

New Martinsville, West Virginia: ReformingWV Publications, 2019. 217 pages with a Selected Bibliography, Appendices, maps, photos, and charts. Trade paperback.