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Power and Powerlessness: Quiescence and Rebellion in an Appalachian Valley by John Gaventa

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is there any question more important than what causes Appalachian people to sometimes rise up in exemplary struggle and other times seem to be unfazed by extraordinary oppression. What makes us quiescent and what makes us rebel? That is the subject and object of this study of the Cumberland Gap area of Tennessee and Kentucky.  I first met John Gaventa when he was Student Body President, a very impressive young man in his early twenties. He has gone on to be a Rhodes Scholar, a Director of Highlander for a time and to a successful careers working for both mainstream and insurgent educational efforts in Tennessee, Nova Scotia, and England. He currently is Director of Research at the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex in England.

Urbana, The University of Illinois Press, 1980. 267 pages with an Index, Maps, Tables, and Figures.