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Nelsonville from A to Z edited by Celeste Parsons

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Nelsonville, Ohio, is located in the Hocking Hills in the southeastern portion of the state. Some of my favorite letters include “Q is for Quandry” the last stanza of Ms. Parsons’ poem is “Oh, there are words like “Quaint”/But unique to Nelsonville it ain’t./And how would you illustrate it?/I Quit.” I also like “G is for Good Vibrations.”  The author credits 15 different people for coming up with letters, but these two are all hers. “Longtime poets and first-time writers, of all ages, contributed to the written and visual art you hold in your hands. This beautiful book is a tiny glimpse of what a community-driven arts education program can do. Stuart's Opera House's Arts Education program is proud to support this book. -  Tim Peacock. “The making of this treasured book, Nelsonville from A to Z, is an inspiration for all communities. You will want to see firsthand how local talents of all ages contributed outstanding artwork and creative poetry to not only highlight cherished elements of the city but to impact the excellent programming of Stuart's Opera House. It is an honor to endorse this must-have for your collection and to not miss the opportunity to feel a part of this amazing philanthropic project. -  Cara Dingus Brook. The author, Celeste Parsons, lives outside Nelsonville and enjoys gardening, sewing, reading, and bicycling. This is her first published book.

Buchtel, Ohio: Monday Creek Publishing, 2019. 26 un-numbered pages (one for each letter!), illustrated in full-color by Hannah Sickles. 11.25” X 8.75” hardback with a pictorial cover.