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Music's Journey to Parsons: A Childhood Memoir of Tannery Row by Carolyn Hull Schurmann

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From the publisher:

"This memoir tells of a time when less was more. It was during the Depression. The things of value to a child growing up in the thirties were, a dog, swings, songs, and great teachers. If you had any of those things and a great imagination, you had everything you needed to survive and thrive. Even with the dysfunctional aspect of alcoholism in the family, love would override it all and come out the winner. Oh, yes and one other thing that was of value were the movies with singing cowboys, great song and dance men and women, and a little girl who sang about lollipops. Trite? No indeed. The media was an important influence with a Utopian influence."


Parsons, WV: McClain, 2015