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Murdoch’s Curse: A Saga of Western North Carolina by Jerry Jacover

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This is a novel, but it borders closely on autobiography and on history. The characters at the opening of the novel resemble the author and his wife, Judi, who enjoyed visiting the North Carolina Mountains so much that they built a cabin in Madison County. In the process of tracing back the title to the land they bought, the Jacover’s began to explore the history and literature of the area. At the end of the novel, Jacover provides a paragraph each about fourteen historical people who figure in this novel along with the fictional characters. It begins with Thor Thorvald a Norse explorer and ends with Joe Holcombe, a Confederate soldier. Jacover also includes a bibliography of 37 books he consulted in an effort to make this novel as authentic as possible. “This engaging novel is not only fast paced and funny, but deeply touching.” – Scot Turow. “An engaging portrait of the variety of cultures that became the melting pot that Appalachia is. Strong, independent, and resourceful characters travel through time on a journey that lands them in a land that requires a mixture of faith and fearlessness to tame, protect, and honor.” – Laura Boosinger.   Jerry Jecover is an intellectual property lawyer in Chicago.

Tulsa, Oklahoma: Yorkshire Publishing, a 2017 reprint of a 2012 release. Trade paperback