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Mount Rogers National Recreation Area Guidebook: A Complete Resource for Outdoor Enthusiasts, Third Edition by Johnny Molloy

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Johnny Molloy is simply an amazing author of guidebooks. Although he lives in Johnson City, Tennessee, and his work centers on the Appalachian Region, his over 60 titles cover outdoor recreation sites in 25 states.  No wonder Molloy has been so successful. He is an empathetic writer who has a sense of what hikers, campers, swimmers, boaters, picnickers, and horseback riders need to know, and his trail commentaries are enjoyable reading and give a real feel for each trail, helping  hikers decide which trails to take. Comprehensive?  Yes, this guide covers 430 miles of trail and five swimming holes.

Knoxville: The University of Tennessee Press, a 2017 revised edition of a 2001 release. 237 pages with four appendices, maps, and photos. Trade paperback