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Modern Moonshine: The Revival of White Whiskey in the Twenty-First Century edited by Cameron D. Lippard and Bruce E. Stewart

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You gotta admit, moonshine is resilient. Arguably first prominent because it was an easier way to transport corn to markets; then it became essentially a part of a kind of “outlaw” culture of defying the law back in the woods and out on the highways. It almost disappeared when alcohol became readily available and growing pot or making meth became more lucrative for outlaws. Now moonshine, like craft beer and local food, has become almost an expression of hip entrepreneurship for an adoring public! All this is a perfect focus for the kind of sociologists and historians who wear blue jeans to work. This book brings together eleven scholarly essays divided into three sections: “Socially Constructing the Origins of the Modern Moonshine Revival,” “The Legalization and Marketing of Modern Moonshine,” and “Historic Preservation and Tourism in the Making of Moonshine.” "I like this book very much. The editors have brought together a wide range of scholarly voices, and their essays, taken together, give an excellent overview of the state of modern moonshine." - Michael Lewis. The co-editors are Cameron Lippard, a sociologist, and Bruce Stewart, a historian, both at Appalachian State.

Morgantown: West Virginia University Press, 2019. 291 pages with an Index, maps, tables, and photos. Trade paperback