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Miss Julia Raises the Roof by Ann B. Ross

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This is the nineteenth, yes, the 19th, Miss Julia novel!  No wonder they are so popular. Their author, Ann B. Ross, is a personable former U.N.C.-A. professor with a PhD from U.N.C. and a Hendersonville resident who knows how to make a book enjoyable.  And her books reinforce good old-fashioned Western North Carolina small-town values and virtues. "Ross has a gift for elevating such everyday matters as marital strife and the hazards of middle age to high comedy, while painting her beautifully drawn characters with wit and sympathy."-Publishers Weekly. "Ann B. Ross develops characters so expertly, through quirks, names, and mannerisms, that they easily feel familiar as the reader is gently immersed into the world Miss Ross has created. . . . A delightful read." —Winston-Salem Journal, "Miss Julia is one of the most delightful characters to come along in years. Ann B. Ross has created what is sure to become a classic Southern comic novel. Hooray for Miss Julia, I could not have liked it more." —Fannie Flagg.

New York, New York: Viking, 2018.  284 pages. Hardback in dust jacket.