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Miss Julia Knows a Thing or Two by Ann B. Ross

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This is the 22nd Miss Julia book in thirty years. Seriously. What a charming lady Ann B. Ross is, and what an endearing series this is!  The lead character that Kirkus Reviews called “a chronic meddler,” decides, in this book, to stop prying into the business of others and to end her busybody ways. Can she keep her resolution? "Written with Ross’s signature Southern charm and wit, the newest Miss Julia will delight long-time fans of the series and will entice new readers to get to know her.” –Booklist. "As fast, feisty, and full of personality as its heroine." –Kirkus Reviews.  "Ann B. Ross develops characters so expertly, through quirks, names, and mannerisms, that they easily feel familiar as the reader is gently immersed into the world Miss Ross has created . . . A delightful read."--Winston-Salem Journal. "Miss Julia is one of the most delightful characters to come along in years. Ann B. Ross has created what is sure to become a classic Southern comic novel. Hooray for Miss Julia, I could not have liked it more."  --Fannie Flagg. The author, Ann B. Ross, lives in Hendersonville, North Carolina. Formerly on the literature faculty of the University of North Carolina at Ashville, she earned a doctorate in English at the University of North Carolina.

New York: Viking/Penguin Random House, 2020. 322 pages. Hardback in dust jacket.