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Melungeon Portraits: Exploring Kinship and Identity by Tamara L. Stachowicz

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With a rare combination of depth and accessibility, this book provides an introduction to the subject of Melungeons while simultaneously imparting new insights and information for those thoroughly immersed in the subject. The heart of this book is written “portraits” of people who currently identify as Melungeon. That is preceded by a chapter entitled, “Literature and Research Review” and followed by a final chapter, “Implications for Activism.” This is the 44th book in McFarland’s “Contributions to Southern Appalachian Studies series. The author, Tamara L. Stachowicz, is a professor in Michigan with roots in the Cumberland Gap area.

North Carolina: McFarland & Company,Publishers, 2018. 208 pages with an Index, Bibliography, Chapter Notes, and photos. Trade paperback