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Mammals of Great Smoky Mountains National Park by Donald W. Linzey

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This book consists primarily of write-ups of seventy-two mammals found in the Park. There are seven orders of mammals found here, ranging from opossums to even-toed ungulates (pigs, elk, deer, and bison – for those who don’t immediately recognize that order). The information provided is fascinating and wide-ranging from the Cherokee name for the mammal to the etymology of the name in English to a complete description, the habitat, sounds, predators, and all kinds of its habits from feeding to nurturing young. The author, Donald Linzey teaches currently at Virginia Tech. He has been working in the Park since 1963 and has had access to the notes of many naturalist familiar with the Park, including Arthur Stupka, former Park biologist.

Knoxville: The University of Tennessee Press, a 2016 edition of a 1971 release. 184 pages with an index, “Literature Cited,” a glossary, and a list of locations mentioned complete with elevation, along with at least one color photograph of each mammal covered. Oversized trade paperback